who we are

We are creators of fun, experts in play and makers of toys. We are leaders in toy production and distribution with a focus on collectibles, small dolls, retro toys, pre-school, vehicles, youth electronics, science toys and construction.

Our Mission
Our mission is simple. We want to make the world a happier and more playful place. It’s hard work, but someone has to do it!

We're Making Toys Here
捕鱼游戏规则Bringing the joy of play to kids around the world is a serious business, and having fun is a requirement! Whether it’s the final product or the process of making toys, this principal is intertwined into everything we do.

Our Core Fundamentals

  • Work Hard
  • Dream Big
  • Play Nice
  • Act Fast
  • Have Fun


giving back

Being in the toy industry we at Basic Fun! have an unique opportunity through our products to spread joy and happiness and we are therefore an avid participant in many organization and charities around the world. Giving back to our community is part of our corporate culture and our values motivate us to push forward and ignite hope.

Visit the Toy Foundation | Click here!
The Toy Bank
Florence Fuller Child Development Centers
Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital
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