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Please call us at least 2-3 weeks in advance and let us know when you will be out of town. We will be glad to coordinate the delivery of your ants.

Have your Ant Farm habitat ready for the ants, and place them inside as soon as possible.

捕鱼游戏规则Yes. If you use your own ants, just be sure they all come from the same place. Ants need to be at least 1/4 inch in size or they could escape from the habitat.

捕鱼游戏规则With proper care, they should live one to three months.

捕鱼游戏规则Know that if you have a Gel Colony, you will not have to feed or water your ants. The Gel provides the ants all the sustenance they need to survive. However, if you have a Sand farm, give your ants two to three water droplets of bottled spring water every other day. Once a week, drop in just one tiny crumb of bread or cracker. (Refer to your instruction booklet for other yummy treats to feed your ants.)

Once your Ant Farm habitat is set up it should be moved as little as possible. (Remember, ants don't like earthquakes!

Shipping live creatures is a very delicate process, requiring lots of pre-shipment calculation. It's kind of like a space shuttle launch. :-) We want to ensure that your creature order arrives in a happy and healthy condition, so we monitor the temperatures on a weekly basis. Based on the temperature averages in your state, if we see that your night time temps are above 32 degrees and your day time temps are below 85 degrees, congratulations! We can safely ship creatures to your state. However, if you fall below or above those temperatures respectively, we may have to hold your order until the temperatures improve. So! In a nutshell, from the day you place your order online, give us between three to six weeks to ship, barring any weather delays or extenuating circumstances. You may also email us to see if your state is currently open for creature shipments.

Visit unclemilton.com/ant_farm where you can download it there. You can also contact us to have a replacement instruction manual mailed to you.

捕鱼游戏规则Yes, our ants are sent in special ventilated containers for safe travel.

捕鱼游戏规则Federal agricultural regulations prohibit us from selling or shipping the queen ant. Since only the queen reproduces, the regional ecological balance is cited as the main concern. The ant farms were also not designed to house the large queen and the thousands of offspring she produces. The ants will work without the queen.

Yes. The Ant Farm habitat is scientifically constructed to provide sufficient air through tiny openings.

捕鱼游戏规则Yes, you can use the sand twice before you need to replace it. Pour it out and sift it clean of dead ants and food particles.

First, understand that the gel is a specialized food source for the ants as well as the intended substrate through which they will eventually, begin tunnelling. It is likely very different from the substrate the ants are used to, so they will need some time to acclimate to their new environment. After a week, or maybe a little longer, the ants will be driven by necessity to begin feeding on the gel, at which point they will also begin tunnelling as the two acts go hand in hand. After this allotted time, if the ants are still hesitant with the gel, try widening the starter tunnels you made. Be sure and do this carefully as the ants will likely see a descending hand and tunnel starting tool as an invader.

捕鱼游戏规则Don't panic! Western Harvester ants are not poisonous. Though a bit or a sting can hurt, there should be few lingering effects. There will be some swelling around the area, but this should dissipate within a few hours. If the swelling does not show signs of abating, contact your doctor.

The ingredients inside of the Mashems contain water and cosmetic-grade approved preservatives. Liquid is certified non-toxic.

捕鱼游戏规则Our product is made out of a material called TPR, which stands for Thermo Plastic Rubber. This is a non-toxic material which will not cause any damage or irritation to your child’s skin. Even if your children are allergic to latex or rubber materials, he/she can still play with TPR as it does not actually classify as a rubber allergen.

捕鱼游戏规则Sometimes, you may notice a smell coming from your Mash'Em after opening up the single packs. This smell is only noticeable for a few minutes after opening, and is only present in our single pack Mash'Ems. We have reviewed all of our 3rd party lab testing reports on the paint ingredients. We have also consulted our toxicologist on how to best assure you that the odour is non-toxic to humans. The smell comes from the paint solvent “Xylene”. Xylene is a widely used solvent in ink, paints, resins and lacquers. The amount of xylene in our Mash’ems is not a safety hazard. The Odor Threshold for xylene is 1ppm (4.4mg/m3), and this is a 100 times less than the amount permitted for an 8 hour exposure limit. Since the xylene traces rapidly evaporate, human exposure is extremely minimal and is of no toxicological importance. The exposure levels are considered to be much less than permitted levels in food and water as permitted by EPA and FDA. It is considered there are no safety/ toxicological concerns with the residual odour of xylene on the toys.

The liquid used in both Mash'Ems products is certified non-toxic. They have been tested and meet all regulatory and safety requirements of each market where they are made available. If your Mash'Ems break or is leaking please dispose of it. In case of contact with eyes or mouth, flush immediately with clean water. If there is any sign of irritation please consult with a physician.

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